Wildlife Protection Fund

We help to Educate People, Protect and Defend wildlife and the environment, from a Christian and Biblical view.  The Wildlife Protection Fund by A Warriors Mission helps to fund sanctuaries for God’s abused, neglected, and endangered animals while delivering the words of the bible, sharing God’s message of love, and educating native people on animal care and ethics.

Endangered species are under threat from over- hunting, illegal poaching, habitat loss, declines in natural species, and retaliatory killings resulting from human-wildlife conflict. We must find a way to change the human behavior that threatens survival.

Humans are the main threat to wildlife and nature, causing adverse impacts such as habitat loss, declines in natural species, and retaliatory killings resulting from human-wildlife conflict. Add to this the climate crisis, and extinction is all too possible for many of God's creatures!

There's no denying that survival is tenuous. Saving the wild animals is about more than protecting nature. It’s about helping the people who call the areas home. That’s why we work with local communities and professional organizations. To aid in reducing retaliatory killing, we support the installation of predator-proof structures for livestock to enable livestock owners to live safely alongside predators.  With this solution, we're able to deter wild predators from entering village territories so that farmers no longer feel the need to retaliate when their farm animals are killed.

So the Lord God took the man [He had made] and settled him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it.  ~ Genesis 2:15

By following the example of Jesus, treating animals in a way that expresses compassion and demonstrates the respectful stewardship of humanity over the environment, we can live in a more peaceful, plentiful world.

Traditionally Religious Missions involve sending individuals or groups to different parts of the world in an attempt to convert local people to Christianity.

A Warriors Mission has a different view on our Wildlife Missions and our benevolence. By embracing indigenous cultures, preaching with the theology of love, and educating locals on the importance of conservation, and preservation, we are more readily able to give an understandable presentation, without requiring religious conversion.  While we hope that people will choose to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ and live their lives as His disciples, our broader vision for our wildlife missions is about preservation and conservation. 

Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. ~ Psalm 82:4

Benevolence, Conservation, Preservation For God's Creatures

Wildlife Protection Fund

 How do animals get on an Endangered List? - A species is listed as endangered worldwide because of threats such as habitat loss and poaching. When a species population declines by 20 percent or more within two generations, it is classified as endangered.

Loss of habitat, over hunting, or overfishing, invasive species, climate change, and pollution all contribute to loss of wildlife.

With your help, we can ensure that these incredible animals survive across generations to come.  

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