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Post a video of dancing in the rain (or garden sprinkler), CHALLENGE 5 friends to do the same in 48 hours or donate  at to help bring awareness to the Homeless Youth Crisis

#dancewhenitrains challenge

Dance When It Rains Challenge! This is where it started. Help us raise awareness about homeless kids! #DanceWhenItRains #InspireOthers

You're visiting this page, that means you have either posted your #DanceWhenItRains challenge video on social media or you're here to make a donation.  Venmo: @DanceWhenItRains and CashApp: $DanceWhenItRains accepted

Either way, THANK YOU! You have our deepest appreciation!

Dance When It Rains  ~  #DanceWhenItRains

Times are difficult for many people.  We chose to start this campaign for a few reasons...   to honor and recognize the works and contributions of people in America, to create awareness that homelessness is not always perpetual, sometimes it is temporary. Sometimes all we need is a hand up to get started.

We believe that everyone has had a time or two in their life when the storms of life brought challenges that were difficult to get through.  Sometimes we got thru these storms on our own, and sometimes we needed a hand up.  #DanceWhenItRains has been created to let people know they are not alone in their storm.

The Homeless Crisis

dancewhenitrains Dance When It Rains

We're not here to give you all the facts and data about homelessness in America.  The map shows the number of homeless that were counted by state.

We ARE here to raise awareness that many people are homeless, many are just one paycheck away from being homeless, and many others are facing eviction right now.

We need your help to raise awareness about the Homeless Crisis in America.

Whether it was because of a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado or flooding , or escaping an abusive situation, or loosing a job, or any other occurrence in the storms of life, homelessness is a crisis.

Dance When It Rains - Inspire Others to get up and dance through their storm in life!  It can be hard to see the bright side, it can be hard to dance when everything else seems to be going wrong. Movement, and motion can have a profound effect on a persons life.  Dancing through the storm may make that storm easier to get through.  We're asking for your help to show others that they can get through it.

#InspireOthers to dance when it rains!

Dancing when It Rains
Dance when it rains challenge

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