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What does domestic violence mean? Physical abuse is just one of many forms of domestic violence. Other types include emotional, mental, financial and technological abuse.  You can help disrupt the cycle of domestic abuse, learn more here.

what does domestic violence mean

As a domestic abuse survivor, I know the trauma that comes with experiencing harm at the hands of someone I trusted and loved. The effects of domestic abuse trauma can last long beyond the original act, and can cause various impacts on an individual’s ability to live a healthy and thriving life.  - 

As portrayed in the media and in the common understanding, domestic violence often takes on the manifestation of physical abuse. However, domestic abuse can often exist in areas of life that are far beyond the physical - extending to the mental, emotional, and even the financial parts of a victim’s life. 

There can be action in awareness. Understanding the various types of domestic violence is a way to help those who have experienced abuse. Creating awareness, having a conversation, can help someone who is currently in an abusive relationship to better understand the warning signs and know when to find help. You can help spread awareness by posting your support to social media, learn more here.

What Does Domestic Violence Mean

Understanding The Various Types Of Domestic Abuse. Answering the question, what does domestic violence mean.

Physical Abuse

In domestic abuse situations, physical abuse involves the use of physical force against a victim that results in pain, injury, or induced fear. Physical abuse can often lead to bruises, broken bones, or injuries that can be noticed or hidden from others. Physical abuse, while not the only type of domestic abuse, can often be the type that puts the victim in a life-threatening situation. 

Emotional Abuse 

Emotional Abuse can often occur as either or both verbal and nonverbal abusive behavior. This can include name-calling, criticizing in private or in public, or through silencing of the victim in decisions. Often unseen, emotional domestic abuse can go on for quite some time before signs or symptoms are noticed by others.

Financial Abuse

One of the more unreported methods of domestic violnece is financial abuse. In financially abusive relationships, a partner may withhold money, may steal from the victim, or use the victim’s identity and resources to procure unwanted debt or purchases that can leave the victim in a financially difficult situation.

Technological Abuse

An increasingly devious method that many are using to abuse their loved ones and partners has emerged through the world of technology and social media. Those in a technological abuse situation will often fall victim to abuse through texting and social networking that aims to bully, harass, stalk or intimidate a partner. 

This can include GPS-tracking of location, sending of abusive or unwanted content, and threatening to post lewd or inappropriate content of a sexual or embarrassing nature.

Find Help & Extend Hope With A Warriors Mission

At A Warriors Mission, our team of trained and committed victim advocates work directly with those suffering from domestic violence of all kinds. We are committed to creating opportunities and avenues for escape and healing for those who have gone through the pain and suffering that can often go on in secret for years. If you or a loved one is involved in an abusive relationship, contact our team today to set up a safe and anonymous conversation to help you find freedom and healing.

what is domestic violence

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We provide unique opportunities for domestic abuse survivors to help others with care and support. We invite you to consider partnering with us in our mission to help domestic abuse victims and homeless teens find hope and healing in a broken system. If you would like to learn more about how to give to our mission, contact A Warriors Mission team today.

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